How to get Salesforce Contacts into your iPhone with Lightning Sync

I have had numerous people ask me how to access their Salesforce Contacts on there iPhone. This post will show you how. If you are using a Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 for your email then it will be really easy. If you’re using Gmail, then it will take a few more steps. First you need to go to Settings –> Then Accounts and ensure you […]

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[Video Tutorial] Salesforce Summer ’17 – Lightning for Gmail & Lightning Sync for GSuite Demo

Lightning for Gmail Installation Link: Summer ’17 Pre-Release Org Signup: Summer ’17 Release Notes: Lightning for Gmail Documentation:

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What’s the Difference Between Lightning Sync and Lightning for Gmail/Outlook?

Charlie asks, Hi, is anyone able to help clarify the difference between Lighting Sync for Google (which seems to be the backend sync functionality and Lightning for Gmail (beta) which seems to be the chrome plugin? Is one a prerequisite of the other? Are they completely separate tools? Lightning Sync is not required to use the Lightning for Outlook/Gmail plugin, but they work nicely together. The Lightning […]

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[Video Tutorial] Spring ’17 – Lightning Sync for Google: Installation and Demo

Spring ’17 Pre-Release Org:… Installation Instructions:… API Console: Admin Console:

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Navigating Emails Options for Salesforce

Check out the Detailed Spreadsheet of Options! Email is a critical channel of communication. Whether you are attempting to make contact with a prospect for the first time or sending information to a customer to resolve a service ticket – email is a communication method at the heart of your business.  Because so much communication occurs over email, it’s imperative to log business-related emails inside of […]

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