5 Inside Sales Lead Generation Ideas
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5 Inside Sales Lead Generation Ideas

I am a firm believer in mastering the fundamentals. Below are few basic lead generation ideas that appear obvious as first, but are powerful when executed correctly.

1. Know Your Customers: What vertical are they in? Who are their competitors? What are your customers pain points and why did they buy from you in the past? I strongly believe account managers can make the best business development reps because they are more tuned in to the mindset and issues that individuals face on a daily basis.

2. Know Your Competitors’ Customers: Ask yourself why they bought from your competitor instead of you? Was it price, timing, awareness, etc. ? Start a discussion with them. Ask them when their contract comes up for renewal and enter into a discussion well before their renewal date.

3. Research Current Customers’ Employment History: Did they work for a company who may be a good prospect? It is difficult and rare to jump from one industry to another. Chances are the pain points that drove your existing customer to buy from you exist in a previous company they worked for as well.

4. Prospect by Position or Title: Know who you are trying to sell to. Sometimes it can be a CEO or VP, but often times it is the people on the ground who have the most knowledge of operational inefficiencies or problems that need addressing. After all, the sale will not go through if you fail to develop need.

5. Start at the Top: High level executives are busy people. A brief chat with the CEO can sometimes get you in contact with the right person much faster than approaching the person directly yourself.

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