A couple weeks back I left my job at Magnet360 as a Salesforce Architect, and decided to join the team at blackthorn! For folks not familiar with blackthorn, we build event management and payment applications for Salesforce. Think Eventbrite, but native to Salesforce with support for paid events, fundraisers, donations, and more. We also have some pretty cool mobile apps that tie in directly with Salesforce. For example our mobile payments app available on iOS and android work seamlessly with Field Service Lightning so that service techs can take payment in the field using their phone and a card reader.

This move was a big change for me because I’ve been in the Salesforce consulting work for the past 5 years. Most of that was enterprise consulting where I was just working with one client at a time. The pace at blackthorn is definitely faster, but not as much as I expected. As you can imagine working in consulting was fast paced and involved a lot of long hours; trying to deliver projects that were scoped by non-technical people where everything is “easy” to deliver.

I’m really happy that I left Magnet360. It’s always a tough call to leave a job when you’re so deep into it. One of the things I really didn’t like about working there was the hierarchy with the project managers. There were also wonderful people at Magnet360 that I got to know too. Unfortunately, my manager changed to the project manager. That coupled with a large cost of living adjustment as a result of a recent move, and I decided it was time to move on. I gave notice without even having a plan, which was really out of character of me, but also telling of the situation. However, taking this approach also enabled me to see a full picture of what job opportunities are in the Salesforce ecosystem. It also helped me make a decision that was the best fit for me.

The future in the AppExchange world is bright. We’re tackling and solving really big challenges for customers at blackthorn. I’m not delusional about the growth pains that come with that. The awesome thing is we have a great group of people, who I want to be in the “trenches” with. I couldn’t say that about Magnet360. In fact, I’m super stoked about the company trip we are taking to Orlando next week (I guess I joined with perfect timing!). The first few weeks at blackthorn have included an insane amount of learning, and I’ve really only scratched the surface at this point. I already got my first 5 star review on the AppExchange from a customer, the USC – Marshall School of Business! More soon, stay tuned!

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