My approach to implementing Pardot and Salesforce starts with understanding your organization. Plain and simple.

I ask questions, listen, and may even ask why certain current processes are executed in a certain manner. I am focused and present.

I make recommendations. These recommendations are based on current best practices from research in the fields of marketing, sales, and service. They are centered by previous practical experience of executing successful programs in these areas. We will start small and based on the observed results we will tweak programs to achieve maximum results, and then scale.

Business processes will be documented in a diagram. This is a crucial map to help the management team steer the company in a new direction. It is also essential for employees to reference during a period of change or new employee training.

Sometimes these business processes align nicely with Pardot and Salesforce out-of-the box; sometimes they don’t. When they don’t, we have a conversation discussing if these business processes can be supported in Salesforce with additional customization, and, if they can, how much effort is necessary to develop them.

I build Pardot and Salesforce capabilities to specifications. I show you each step along the way. This  reduces risk and ensures what is built it is in line with expectations. Minor tweaks can be made along the way to give Salesforce your unique flair.

Being honest and fair are core values. Unlike larger Salesforce consulting companies I am under no billable hours quota. I bill the time that something takes to build, which is in-line with previous estimates provided. If, in the course of things, I think something will take longer to complete than initially estimated I will let you know immediately, and we can discuss next steps to find a win-win outcome.

I train you and your employees to use Salesforce and Pardot. I educate you how to tweak certain areas of the systems so that you can complete small changes on your own.