Best Practices for Prospect Scoring in Pardot

It is a fine art to determine when a prospect is sales ready. If you wait too long to pass the prospect off to the sales team you will likely lose the sale. Pass the prospect too early in the process and you risk alienating the prospect and coming across as annoying. Thankfully, the Pardot marketing automation platform comes with the ability to score prospects based […]

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How To Send Monthly Emails in Pardot

A common need for marketers is to schedule an email to be sent once per month. In my previous post, “How to Send a Single Email in Pardot” I discussed how to design and send an email, which included the ability to schedule the time. However, what if you want this email to be sent out every month? 1 – Create a list in Pardot that you […]

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Pardot Integration Mini-Series #4: Update Pardot Integration after Implementing Custom Salesforce “My Domain” Feature

So you’ve implemented the My Domain feature in Salesforce? If so, you might consider taking a few precautionary steps in Pardot to ensure your Salesforce-Pardot integration keeps running smoothly. Here are the steps below to follow in Pardot: Navigate to your Salesforce connector in Pardot by going to Admin, Connectors. Then click the gear icon on the right, and click ‘Edit’. Now, click the blue […]

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The Top 3 Feature Requests on Pardot’s New Idea Exchange

Pardot has now transitioned their feature request and idea area to the IdeaExchange on the Salesforce Success Community! Below are the most popular ideas. Top 3 Pardot Ideas by Votes #1 Conditional Completion Actions What is this feature? Completion Actions are actions that Pardot can perform following a form completion. They occur every time a form is submitted. This means that if you have two forms that write […]

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How Salesforce Einstein Powers Smarter Marketing in Pardot

This past Dreamforce Salesforce released its artificial cloud (AI) embedded into the core sales and service CRM. Missing from the discussion was how AI will play an ever increasing role in marketing, specifically Pardot—Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation platform. AI is slow to come to marketing space, but will change the nature of the work that the armies of email campaign specialists, demand generators, and content […]

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How to Round Robin Prospects in Pardot

I hope everyone had a great summer! As summer winds down, and the colors of  autumn are upon us I’d like to examine an existing, but often overlooked feature of Pardot: the ability to assign prospects in a round robin manner! Other primary methods to assign Prospect records to a user included: On a form/landing page via a completion actions assignment rule Automation rules Each […]

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I Helped Pardot Squash a Bug in the New Engagement Studio!

Recently, in the Pardot Success Community Oliver Fedtke was having an issue with the new Engagement Studio feature. He was having an issue with a hidden field with with pre-defined values and wasn’t able to access these values via an Action in Engagement Studio. Kyle Coleman from Pardot confirmed that this was a bug, and it has now been fixed! Thanks for prompt fix!

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What is Pardot?

Pardot is a marketing automation system that enables marketing teams to attract, convert, and retain customers. Pardot is comprised of a variety of automation power tools including automation rules, completion actions, and engagement campaigns. People are stored in the Pardot database are termed prospects. In order to be created in Pardot each prospect must have an email address. Pardot works and is integrated with the majority […]

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Pardot Integration Mini-Series #3: Logging Pardot Emails in Salesforce

Which Pardot Emails Should you Log in Salesforce as Activities? Logging emails sent from Pardot with Salesforce, your CRM, is a critical integration point to ensure marketing and sales are on the same wave length. Below are the top 3 considerations when deciding what emails you should sync from Pardot to Salesforce. 1. Visibility The first item to consider is what emails your sales team need to […]

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Paul’s Secret Sauce for Running Successful Pardot Implementations

How I run a Project as a Pardot Consultant 1. Start with the End in Mind: Set Specific, Measurable Goals Setting specific, measurable goals enables us to measure the success of the project. Instead of focusing on statement of work initially, I instead sit down with the client to agree upon desired outcomes together. Some of my clients’ goals in the past included: Double the number […]

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