How to Send a Single Email from Pardot
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How to Send a Single Email from Pardot

Pardot is a robust marketing automation tool that you can build complex drip programs to send prospects a series of emails. However, what if you want to send a one-off email? To send a single email from Pardot follow the steps below:

1. Create an Email Template in Pardot

Email TemplatesThe first step is to create an email template is Pardot. You can do this by going to Marketing -> Emails -> Email Templates. Then click the orange ‘Add Email Template’ button to create a new template.

When creating an email template there are a few steps to follow. First, name the template and associate it to a Campaign. Apply a layout by checking the ‘start from layout’ checkbox. Second, build the template by enter the copy, and merge fields to dynamically populate any information. Finally, set the sending preferences for the template, such as who you want the email to be sent from, and publish the email template.

2. Create a List to Send the Email to

Navigate to Marketing -> Segmentation -> Lists. Click the orange ‘add list’ button. In this step you have the option to specify if you want the list to be a dynamic list. A dynamic list is updated and a prospect matches or unmatches the list criteria the prospect will be added to or removed from the list. If you want to create a dynamic list check the dynamic list checkbox in this step, and specify the criteria in this step. Otherwise, create a static list and use an automation rule to add prospects to a list.

3. Send a New List Email

Now navigate to Marketing -> Emails -> Drafts (note: in the new Lightning user interface for Pardot the location will be different). Click the orange ‘send new list email button.’ Name the List Email and ensure the ‘Start Email from Template’ box is checked. If you need to change any of the copy from the email template you can do so here, though you shouldn’t need to. Then move to the sending step, and choose which list you would like to send the email to, a suppression list, if desired. Finally you can click schedule to schedule the single email to be sent out at a certain time, or send now to send immediately.

Send Single Email Pardot

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