Pardot Roadmap Overview
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Pardot Roadmap Overview

In case you missed the Pardot Roadmap webinar that happened yesterday here are the cliff notes:

Recent Enhancements

  • The Engagement History component that you can add on Lead and Contact page layouts will be refreshed more often (once an hour) so you have the latest engagement history in Salesforce. The Engagement History component includes items like emails sent, opens, clicks, forms filled, web pages visited, etc.
  • In addition, the Engagements are searchable via the global search in Salesforce. Nice!
  • Finally, you can dictate which records are assigned to which Business Unit (BU) by building out criteria. Note that one Lead or Contact can only be assigned to one BU, so if you want to market to both of them out of both BUs you have to create duplicate Contacts in Salesforce. Bleh, I’m personally not a fan of BUs for this reason! They create silos in your data where you really don’t need any.


Future Enhancements

  • Use Salesforce Reports to report on Engagement History (Summer 19)
  • Multiple tracker domains within a single BU. This is a nice feature. I wonder if you need to have BUs turned on to get this, or if you can have multiple tracker domains in a Pardot account without BUs activated (Even if you don’t like BUs, might be worth having and just setting up one BU to get this feature, especially for companies with multiple brands). Basically this feature lets you pick which tracker domain to use when sending an email, so that when it’s sent Pardot writes all of the trackable links with the proper domain.
  • HML – Handlebar Markup Language. New way to handle merge fields in Pardot. There’s a button on your email template where you can convert the existing merge fields to HML. Can use in emails and dynamic content, but not in landing pages.
  • Asset sharing across BUs.
  • Ability to use Einstein Behavior Score in things like Process Builder and Engagement Studios as criteria to branch logic or an action.
  • WYSIWYG Email Editor – “On their radar and actively in development”, but sounds like it’s not coming anytime soon.
  • Einstein Behavior Score will not replace Custom Scoring model.
  • Ability to share Engagement Studios templates on the AppExchange


What future enhancements are you most excited for?

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