The Top 3 Feature Requests on Pardot’s New Idea Exchange
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The Top 3 Feature Requests on Pardot’s New Idea Exchange

Pardot has now transitioned their feature request and idea area to the IdeaExchange on the Salesforce Success Community! Below are the most popular ideas.

Top 3 Pardot Ideas by Votes

#1 Conditional Completion Actions

What is this feature? Completion Actions are actions that Pardot can perform following a form completion. They occur every time a form is submitted. This means that if you have two forms that write to a field on the prospect, say, industry that the most recent form fill will be what shows up on the prospect’s record. However, for other completion actions, such as adding a prospect to a list, these are cumulative and the prospect will become a member of both lists.

Right now, with completion actions, you cannot specify criteria based on what is on the prospect record, or what  the prospect submits in the form. The actions just fire.

Sample Completion Action

In comparison, an automation rule allows the ability for users to specific criteria, including AND(i.e. Match All) or OR (Match Any) criteria. However, a problem with an automation rule is that they do not run on every form submission like a completion action. This is a problem because it only runs the first time the prospect completes a form. You could possibly have an automation rule for each form, but what if the prospect submits that form multiple times?

Sample Automation Rule

With this feature you would be able to conditionally assign and route prospects based on information filled in the form data, and re-assign them upon a new form submission.

#2 WYSIWYG for Landing Pages

There is already a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor for designing emails, but you either need to import HTML or edit it directly in the HTML editor in Pardot, and then view your changes. Many people use 3rd party landing page design tools such as Unbounce that already have a WYSIWYG editor.

#3 Schedule Time Email is Sent in Engagement Studio Campaign

This feature makes sense. Currently you can only specify if you want the email sent during business hours or not. However, you cannot specify the time within those business hours. Emails are currently sent as email server availability within that time frame, and a few other factors. This feature will allow marketers to strategically send emails such as right when someone gets back from lunch. I believe the current “business hours” rule also is based on the marketers time zone, not the prospect’s time zone. The feature should further enable email to be delivered with the right messages and at the right time for optimal engagement.

Other Great Pardot Ideas

Salesforce Engage Plugin for Outlook and Microsoft 365

Salesforce Engage by Pardot already offers a Gmail plug-in. This allows sales reps to send emails with Pardot templates. The actual email is sent via your own Gmail server. This is great because sometimes sales reps might send prospecting emails to those who have not opted-in previously. It is a violation of Pardot’s terms of service (and CAN-SPAM) to send email to prospects who have not opted-in with their platform. It would be great to extend Engage’s functionality to those who are using Office 365 for email too!

Thanks for reading? What are your best Pardot ideas? Be sure to add them to the new Idea Exchange!


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