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  1. Hi Paul. Great job on the video. I followed along and successfully implemented lightning Sync for Google in my organization. I’m curious if you have followed this through one step further to see if you can receive Salesforce Sync contacts on your smart phone. I have an iPhone connected to my google contacts and the “Salesfroce Sync” contacts don’t show up in my phone contacts because I believe they are not considered part of “My Contacts” in google. My goal is to have a contact created in salesforce that will automatically become available as a contact on my phone. Is there another configuration item to make this happen. Many thanks for any advice.


    1. Hi Sean, thanks. To answer your question these contacts should sync automatically with your phone, provided you have your iPhone setup correct. On your iPhone go to Settings, then scroll down to Contacts, choose Accounts. Then ensure your enterprise Google Account is listed. Click into it, and ensure Contacts is enabled (is should show a green toggle button). If not turn it on. Then go to your Contacts in iPhone and click Groups in the upper right. Scroll down to your Google Enterprise Account and ensure the ‘Salesforce_Sync’ folder is checked and set to display the Contacts. You might consider turning off the other Groups as you troubleshoot. I have confirmed I have all the Salesforce_Sync Contacts on my iPhone (the ones that come with the dummy trial org) including Tim Barr and Edna Frank.

      1. I’m still struggling with this. Salesforce originated contacts are making it to google, just not to my phone. I follow everything you say here up until “Scroll down to your Google Enterprise Account and ensure the ‘Salesforce_Sync’ folder is checked and set to display the Contacts. ” All I see in groups are options for all contacts, nothing broken down by folders.

        I’ve got both Google and Salesforce support people telling me everything is working as designed but it seems like a pretty significant flaw and somehow you’ve got it working. I also started with a fresh google organization as a test. I’m running the latest iOS on the target device. Any other ideas?

        1. Hi Sean, so it seems the iPhone handles groups differently for Google vs. Exchange. For Exchange you can choose to select or unselect groups, and one of those groups is Salesforce_Sync. For Google you have to choose to show “all xyz.com”. The key to making sure your Salesforce Contacts show up on your iPhone is ensuring they also have the “My Contacts” group, in addition to the “Salesforce Sync Group”. Hope this helps!

          1. Thanks for the clarification, at least it’s consistent and I understand it. Could you please confirm that ensuring newly synced salesforce contacts also have the “My Contacts” group is a manual process for you too?

  2. Yes, it is manual for me as well. However, Google is moving away from Groups and towards Labels. I believe this move will be beneficial to Lightning for GSuite users and iPhone users who only want to show some of the Gmail Groups (at a given time) on their iPhone.

  3. Hi Paul B.Fischer, I would like to ask few questions about Lightning for Gmail and Lightning Sync. Currently i faced an issue which is I couldn’t add any label in “Salesforce Lightning for Gmail” within same page as Gmail interface. The error shown as ” We couldn’t relate your email to this record. Please try again”. I’ve following your video and those documentation guideline, but end up still couldn’t fix this issue. Secondly, by this video, the email template is it needed to create by myself? Do you have any solution or idea to fix my current issues?? Many thanks for any advice!

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