Featured Presentations & Publications
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Not all Content is Created Equal: How to Setup Custom Scoring Models in Pardot by Paul Fischer on the Pardot blog


B2B Marketing Survival Tips contribution to Pardot’s marketing automation guide


What Every Salesforce Administrator Should Know About Telephony Integration by Paul Fischer on the RingDNA blog


Telephony Partners Key to Salesforce Omni-Channel Service Strategy by Paul Fischer on the NoJitter blog


 Building an Omni-Channel Agent Experience with Salesforce and InGenius by Paul Fischer on the InGenius blog


Driving Sales Productivity with Salesforce and Outlook Dreamforce session presentation by Paul Fischer, Damien Joly, and Matthew Barnhart


How Club Champion leverages Salesforce’s New Process Automation Tool Process Builder client success story presented by Paul Fischer at the Salesforce Chicago World Tour


Salesforce Saturday Minnesota: Configuring Lightning Scheduler & Community Cloud by Paul Fischer


Achieving Email Compliance & Security in Financial Services Cloud by Paul Fischer on the ShellBlack blog


Bring Artificial Intelligence to B2B Marketing Efforts with Pardot Einstein blog post by Paul Fischer on the Magnet360 blog