Let’s Get Personal with Dynamic Content in Pardot Emails
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Let’s Get Personal with Dynamic Content in Pardot Emails

There are a few ways to personalize email in Pardot to create that personal marketing email that really resonates with your recipient.

A few of the tools you can use to generate dynamic emails in Pardot are HML/Variable Tags, Dynamic Content, and a Dynamic Sender/From Address.

The main idea for Pardot’s Dynamic Content feature is that you use a field value from the Prospect record and serve up an image dynamically in the email, or even on your website. This could be the email header with a skyline of a city that the Prospect is located, a specific division logo that the Prospect has engaged with, or even a specific picture of a product for a cross-sell opportunity. HML can be used in conjunction with images via Dynamic Content to generate the perfect email.

This post will focus on Dynamic Content, and on a specific use case that a client was trying to solve for. Upon a customer signing up for their service they wanted to send an email out with a new customer welcome packet, displaying a headshot of their customer success manager, along with their contact information. The requirement was to have this email come from a general user, which made the solution for this a bit tricky.

One limitation of the Dynamic Content feature in Pardot is that you can only built different image variation using fields from the Prospect. This posed a bit of an issue because we needed to pull the Account Owner in Salesforce. Ideally, this would have been accomplished in Salesforce using Process Builder to rewrite the Account Owner to all of the Contacts related to the Account, upon the creation of the Account, or when the Account Owner is updated.

In this situation the client’s marketing team did not the ability to administer Salesforce. Instead, they had to create a unique automation in Pardot that would pull the Account Owner’s name into a custom field on the Prospect record. The good news was that all of the Contact Owners were the same as the Account Owner. The downside is that you cannot use the Assigned To field from the Prospect in Dynamic Content. So we had to transpose the Assigned To, to another Prospect custom field.

From there we were able to setup the Dynamic Content images based upon the Account Owner value in the Prospect custom field.

Next we need to insert that Dynamic Content in an email template.

Finally, setup an Automation Rule or Engagement Program to send out the email! The criteria would be that an Opportunity Stage that a Contact is associated with is in the Closed Won stage.

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