Top Inside Sales KPIs to Measure on Salesforce Dashboards
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Inside Sales Dashboard in Salesforce

Top Inside Sales KPIs to Measure on Salesforce Dashboards

Inside Sales Dashboard in Salesforce

I built this dashboard to help measure the efforts of our Sales Development Reps (SDRs) on my team. These KPIs can be broken down into 3 categories: effort, pipeline, and results.


These metrics display raw effort only, and do not speak to the effectiveness of these efforts.

Today’s Dials/This Month’s Dials: This metric shows the raw number of dials a SDR has attempted for the day or month. We use a Leaderboard with color-coding to show where the reps are compared to goal, and to promote competitiveness amongst the team.

Today’s Emails/This Month’s Emails: Similar to dials except for emails sent to prospects.


SDRs need to continually be fed new leads to call. It is a waste of time for them to have to stop to hunt or research leads. Their goal should be to maximize their talk time and appointments set. To this end, it is critical to measure where they are with the leads they are calling.

Dialable Leads: This represents the total number of leads in your pipeline that have a phone number. The number in the pipeline will reduce as the SDR disqualifies a lead, or qualifies the lead as an SQL and moves them forward in the sales process.

Undialed, Dialable Leads: This is a subset of the dialable leads metric above who have not been dialed at all. This metric is a sanity check, so that when an SDR asks a manager for more leads that they are not provided if the rep hasn’t dialed through all of his/her current leads. It also helps operation keep tabs on when a SDR needs additional leads.

This Week’s Dial Penetration

This metric shows of the dials made this week, which were 1st time calls to the lead versus, 2nd, 3rd, etc. This information is important to capture and graph against the number of appointments/SQLs qualified on 5th, 6th, and 7th dials to assess the proper give-up point for your SDRs.


Talk Time: The amount of time a SDR speaks with a lead. This does not include time the phone is ringing. This is a KPI for SDRs.

Call Dispositions: Call dispositions indicate what happened on the call. Was a VM left, was a correct contact made, was the phone number a bad number? Call dispositions drive whether a research team tracks down the correct phone number for the lead and put it back into the SDR’s pipeline, whereas correct contact are a good indicator for qualified SQLs.

In addition, we built our own dashboard and put it on a TV in the office showing the total number of sales appointments set, and which were determined as qualified appointments by field reps.

Inside Sales Dashboard

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