Pardot Roadmap Overview

In case you missed the Pardot Roadmap webinar that happened yesterday here are the cliff notes: Recent Enhancements The Engagement History component that you can add on Lead and Contact page layouts will be refreshed more often (once an hour) so you have the latest engagement history in Salesforce. The Engagement History component includes items like emails sent, opens, clicks, forms filled, web pages visited, etc. […]

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A Day of Learning, Networking, and Fun at the Salesforce World Tour in Washington, D.C.

This year the Salesforce World Tour in DC was at the Washington Convention Center! The location was fantastic, and proved more spacious than last year’s tour at the Reagan Trade Center.  Overall, the event was a great success, and seems to be getting bigger and better every year. In D.C. the Salesforce World Tour always takes on a unique twist due to the focus on […]

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Bringing Artificial Intelligence to B2B Marketing with Pardot Einstein in Spring ‘19

Now is the time to leverage artificial intelligence for your marketing efforts! The Salesforce Spring ‘19 release saw two new AI related features for Pardot. This post is aimed at helping you understand these new features, and the value they can bring to your marketing organization. Einstein Campaign Insights One of the newly released featured is called Einstein Campaign Insights. This feature allows you to […]

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Trailblazer Perspective: It’s Not All Rainbows & Campfires Breaking into the Salesforce Industry

Hundreds-of-thousands of people descend upon San Francisco this week for the annual Dreamforce conference. Most visible at Dreamforce are the national-park themed characters and booths representing Salesforce’s latest online learning tool called Trailhead. Trailhead is a tool where you can learn about the vast expanse that is Salesforce — from Community Cloud to Pardot for marketing and beyond. Salesforce has positioned Trailhead as a tool […]

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How to Setup Omni-Channel in Salesforce Lightning

Enable Omni-Channel To enable Omni-Channel navigate to the Setup menu in Salesforce. Type in “Omni” in the quick find bar in the upper left, and then click Omni-Channel Settings. Click to check the Enable Omni-Channel checkbox and click Save. Note: You have the option to use queue-based or skill-based routing. More on that later. Create Service Channels Next, navigate to Service Channels and click New. Then name your […]

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3 Things I Wish I Knew About Salesforce Community Cloud Prior to Implementation

I’ve spent the past few months rolling out Salesforce Community Cloud for one of our clients. For those not familiar with Community Cloud it is simply an online portal used to connect with your partners or customers, and which also occasionally publishes articles like which expounds on how to improve customer service. Community Cloud brings in a lot of other Salesforce features such as the knowledge base, […]

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7 Steps to Take in Pardot & Salesforce for GDPR Compliance

1 – Find, Locate, & Document All Personally Identifiable Data Building a data inventory is necessary so you know what personally identifiable data your company stores on individuals and all of systems that it is stored. Knowing what and where the data is stored will enable you to fulfill the six types of requests in the GDPR within the legally allotted response time of 30 […]

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Recapping a Big Week of Salesforce Events in Washington, DC

This past week two major Salesforce events took place in Washington DC: the non-profit user group and Salesforce World Tour. The non-profit user group was held at the Alley by Verizon just off of L street. At the meeting Rebe de le Paz presented on best practices for training end-users. Some of the major takeaways I had for the meeting is that training users should […]

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Salesforce Spring ’18 Feature Highlight – Lightning Sync & Lightning for Gmail with Person Accounts

This week’s webinar takes a look at a much anticipated feature from Salesforce’s Spring 2018 release. It covers how to sync a Person Account in Salesforce back to your Google Contacts. Tune in to learn more about this exciting feature!

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New Pardot Updates to be Aware of

SSL for Landing Pages Now Available in Pardot Takeaway: Whether you’re using Pardot landing pages with a Pardot form or a 3rd party form you can now make it secure. And you should do so, so that prospects can confidently convert on your landing page. Setup: In Pardot go to Admin, Domains, click the gear next to the relevant Tracker Domain and click Enable SSL. Details: This week […]

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