I Helped Pardot Squash a Bug in the New Engagement Studio!

Recently, in the Pardot Success Community Oliver Fedtke was having an issue with the new Engagement Studio feature. He was having an issue with a hidden field with with pre-defined values and wasn’t able to access these values via an Action in Engagement Studio. Kyle Coleman from Pardot confirmed that this was a bug, and it has now been fixed! Thanks for prompt fix!

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Engagement Studio for Pardot

This week Pardot released engagement studio! Engagement studio is the command center for the modern b2b marketer, and replaces and extends the drip program functionality. Engagement studio is available at no additional cost to Pardot customers! However, the feature must be activated by a user with administrative rights. The user interface of Engagement Studio is much easier to use than its predecessor. The design is in-line […]

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