Pardot Improves the “Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address” Feature; Still More Room for Improvement

In a recent blog post I detailed What Pardot Got Wrong with the “Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address” feature. Thankfully, Pardot has made a change to improve the AMPSEA feature. This blog post will provide an assessment of the recent change, and highlight shortcomings that still exist after this improvement. This week Pardot restored the ‘Automatically create Prospects in Pardot if they are created […]

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What Pardot Got Wrong with the “Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address” Feature

Around November of last year Pardot implemented a feature called “Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address” (or AMPSEA for short). It’s clear that some care was taken when naming the feature, but in effect this feature allows the creation of duplicate Prospect records in Pardot. All new Pardot accounts from June 14, 2016 onward will have this feature enabled by default, and you […]

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Best Practices for Prospect Scoring in Pardot

It is a fine art to determine when a prospect is sales ready. If you wait too long to pass the prospect off to the sales team you will likely lose the sale. Pass the prospect too early in the process and you risk alienating the prospect and coming across as annoying. Thankfully, the Pardot marketing automation platform comes with the ability to score prospects based […]

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Pardot Integration Mini-Series #4: Update Pardot Integration after Implementing Custom Salesforce “My Domain” Feature

So you’ve implemented the My Domain feature in Salesforce? If so, you might consider taking a few precautionary steps in Pardot to ensure your Salesforce-Pardot integration keeps running smoothly. Here are the steps below to follow in Pardot: Navigate to your Salesforce connector in Pardot by going to Admin, Connectors. Then click the gear icon on the right, and click ‘Edit’. Now, click the blue […]

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Pardot Integration Mini-Series #3: Logging Pardot Emails in Salesforce

Which Pardot Emails Should you Log in Salesforce as Activities? Logging emails sent from Pardot with Salesforce, your CRM, is a critical integration point to ensure marketing and sales are on the same wave length. Below are the top 3 considerations when deciding what emails you should sync from Pardot to Salesforce. 1. Visibility The first item to consider is what emails your sales team need to […]

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Pardot Integration Mini-Series #2: Salesforce to Pardot Sync

Salesforce to Pardot Sync In my first post I wrote about how Pardot creates new records in Salesforce that originate in Pardot. Records can enter Pardot in a number of ways including by filling out a landing page/form, or from a manual import. The other entry point for a Prospect record in Pardot is by a Lead or Contact record being created in Salesforce. For instance, your […]

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How to Clear the Sync Error Queue in Pardot

If you’re using the Salesforce connector in Pardot you may hit errors with the integration. These errors are logged in an area called the Sync Error Queue. This area can be accessed by navigating to Admin -> Connectors and then clicking on the gear icon next to the salesforce connector. Before explaining the best way to resolve these errors I’d like to discuss why they happen to […]

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